All Inclusive Holiday Packages of Great Value

Are you looking for ideas about all inclusive holiday packages? Ideas on where to go and what to see, and how to arrange your holiday trip without the inconvenience and trouble of finding flight schedules, hotel reservations, travel insurance, and information about the places you wish to visit?

Whether you wish to travel within Australia, or plan an international trip, Kings Tours is here to guide you. We provide all inclusive holiday packages to destinations in Australia as well as overseas trips to Asia, Europe, North and South America, and even Africa. We go as far as picking you up at home to take you to the airport and get you started without any unnecessary stress or uncertainties.

With our all inclusive holiday packages, we ensure a stress free holiday as we arrange travel connections, hotel bookings, visa and entry requirements, transport arrangements in places visited, and advise you on local etiquettes and regulations. We also give you detailed information about attractions and arrange sightseeing trips to the most famous and interesting tourist sites.

These tours have a set itinerary and a Tour Guide accompanies our travelers and takes care of all necessary arrangements including airport transfers, hotel check-ins, meals and pre-arranged sightseeing tours. Our travelers need no prior knowledge of tour destinations as we provide ample information and guidance as part of the all inclusive package. Travelers can relax and approach the holiday package as a relaxing discovery tour.

People who prefer more independence and flexibility are welcome to discuss preferences with our staff who will be happy to make arrangements that suit individual requirements. However, our long experience has shown that people prefer the safety and comfort of an all inclusive holiday that enable them to travel along with a relaxed piece of mind. The assigned Tour Manager will have prior experience and knowledge about places and regions visited and will engage hand-picked local guides who are friendly and highly knowledgeable about their city and region.

To provide the comfort and enjoyment our customers deserve when travelling to international destinations, Kings Tours arranges a get-together where we hand out travelling and tourist information about places on the itinerary. Here, travelers can meet and become acquainted with each other and the Tour Guide before the scheduled departure.

Kings Tours has been in the travel industry since 1986 and are highly experienced tour managers. This personalised service has given us many complimentary references and testimonials, as well as many repeat customers.

Travel Tips

 While Kings Tours goes to great length to arrange and handle all travel arrangements that require interaction with external parties, there are some issues our clients need to handle on their own. Here are some tried and tested travelling tips condoned by experts from around the world.

  • If you take some medication regularly, prescription medicine in particular, make sure you bring enough of you medicines to last for the duration of the trip.
  • Ensure you do not forget essential electronic items like your mobile camera, phone and laptop chargers.
  • Get up-to-date with modern communication methods. To keep in touch with your loved ones back home, there is no longer any need to book telephone calls via a hotel phone exchange, nor making mobile calls via your Australian mobile network provider. Such connections are expensive. Get your youngsters, or a local phone shop, to install a mobile voice or text application which you can use for free. Examples include WhatsApp, Line and many more.
  • Pack a reusable water bottle. It is very important to stay well hydrated, especially when walking around sightseeing places.
  • Last, but not least, pack lightly. While Kings Tours will take care of luggage transportation between airports and hotels, you want to leave some space in your case for items you will purchase en route. It is in human nature to pack more than you actually need, especially clothing. To get it right, follow the advice of seasoned travelers: “Pack your case three days in advance. On the final day before departure, take out about half of what you have packed.” After all, laundry facilities are available at hotels.
  • When packing, select versatile clothing like a light jacket, comfortable casual clothing and comfortable walking shoes.

Kings Tours is here to answer all your questions and help you select and plan an unforgettable holiday tour. You can rely on arrangements that will ensure your safety and comfort while you enjoy new sights, new experiences, and good travelling company. Call us now to plan an unforgettable and all inclusive holiday trip.